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Breakfast and Bagel

November 3, 2020

Breakfast is bewilderment; it is not just a meal but an emotion. For some, it's the most important meal of the day, and for others, it's a meal on the go. Sometimes because of our busy schedule in the morning, we may end up skipping breakfast. Sad right? You look forward to starting the day with some lavish breakfast containing fruits, cereals, some protein and bread, but then life happens and bam! There goes all your time in rushing out of the door.

Don't worry; we have got a perfect solution for this. Can you guess what it is? Bagels! We bet it wasn't that hard to guess. Imagine waking up to fresh and scrumptious bagels in the morning. Sounds like a smashing to start your day right? We think that too.

Though being one of the most versatile foods, bagel and breakfast go hand in hand. They serve as the perfect base for any type of breakfast- sweet, savoury, vegetarian or non-vegetarian. On top of that, with the right kind of filling inside, they can be an ideal combination of fibre, protein and deliciousness, providing you with lots of micronutrients and macronutrients.

Now let's talk tasty! We know that a lot of you are crazy for bagels just like us and want to add some amazingly exciting versions of them to your meal. Here we will be introducing you to some basic and some not so basic bagels.

Bagel with cream cheese has been the most preferred and popular way to have bagels all around the world, and frankly, it's not even surprising. The way these two pair up together is enough to suffice your cravings. But ever since the tastebuds of people have refined, they have been in search of what could accompany and enhance the taste of bagels. Apart from the above mentioned holy grail, we have found combinations which stick with bagels brilliantly.

A healthy mix of spinach, corn and mushrooms inside a bagel is something which is craved by not only vegetarians but non-vegetarians as well. This comes together as a power-packed breakfast option which will boost your metabolism through the day.

Another one of these is a bagel filled with eggs, bacon and some relish of your choice. This heavenly combination is never going to disappoint you, take it from us.

Oh my! all this talk about bagels have made us hungry, are you feeling the rumble in your stomach too? This has only happened by talking about some of the selected bagels, so why don't you go ahead, open our menu and explore a world full of bagels which is undoubtedly going to leave you hungry.


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