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The Orange Journal

Our column for exclusive gastronomical news, food trends, peaks from the Orange Twig's kitchen and so much more.
Why Do We Eat?

It's 2 hours post lunch, and as I open my laptop and resume work after much procrastination, I'm struck by an uneasy and familiar feeling of hunger. It makes me wonder what causes hunger or what motivates us to eat. After all, food is such an important part of our lives, and for people like […]

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Food Safety Measures (With or Without Pandemic)

When we talk about food, numerous questions pop-up in our minds. How fresh are the ingredients, how was it cooked, was the surrounding in which it was prepared clean or not, what was the hygiene level of the person who prepared it and so on.  We Indians are obsessed with food! Be it eating out […]

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All Day Breakfast with Work from Home

On 11th March 2020, The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic. Since then, the virus has leashed havoc on our lives. We had to adjust to the new ways of living, from bathing in sanitizers to wearing a mask whenever we go out and learning to maintain social distance. Initially, we thought […]

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Breakfast and Bagel

Breakfast is bewilderment; it is not just a meal but an emotion. For some, it's the most important meal of the day, and for others, it's a meal on the go. Sometimes because of our busy schedule in the morning, we may end up skipping breakfast. Sad right? You look forward to starting the day […]

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Healthy Bagels? That's right. They do exist!

They say you are what you eat, and we say we are bagelicious! Imagine holding a soft and chewy-crusty bagel filled with delicious filling inside. Has your mouth started to water? Cause mine already has. This doughy bread is capable of giving you some wholesome breakfast experience, and why limit its superpowers to only breakfast? […]

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The Orange Twigs Cafe

Treat yourself to the finest continental, Italian, and American cuisine. Whether you're craving a wholesome breakfast, hearty lunch or a gourmet dinner, our expertly prepared meals are just a click away.
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