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On 11th March 2020, The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic. Since then, the virus has leashed havoc on our lives. We had to adjust to the new ways of living, from bathing in sanitizers to wearing a mask whenever we go out and learning to maintain social distance. Initially, we thought this is temporary and things will go back to normal soon, but who were we kidding? As I write this article after over a year, I am still wearing a mask, I have a small bottle of hand sanitizer with me, and I still have inhibitions before stepping out of the house.

Adjusting to a new lifestyle did not stop with use of sanitizers and masks. These were the easiest changes that we had to introduce in our lives. When the government declared nationwide lockdown, a new phase of life began "Work from Home". As enticing as it seemed at the beginning, it went on to be equally excruciating with time. I'm sure you must have read the meme which says, "it's not work from home anymore, it's home from work".

With this being the new normal, boundaries were blurred, routines were disrupted, and new habits were formed. A significant hit was taken by our eating habits throughout the day. Have a meeting at 9 o'clock in the morning? Well, you know that you could just attend it while sitting in your bed, so why get into the hassle of waking up early? This took a massive hit on our routine. So, when people did not have time to squeeze lemon in their water, they did manage to squeeze some time between their meetings to have that scrumptious first meal of the day.

The combination of WFH and increasing popularity of food delivery apps, such as Zomato and Swiggy, made people take "all-day breakfast" in the literal sense. Craving some English breakfast? Those savory and saucy baked beans, creamy scrambled eggs and some sausages and hash browns? Let me just scroll Zomato and see where I can find it. This pandemic forced a lot of restaurants and cafés to go online and start home deliveries. It was the most essential step they had to take to survive. But this opened a plethora of options for people like me. Soon, I realized that all my favorite places were delivering food at my doorstep. Many new kitchens were opening up simultaneously, which were committed to provide the best food possible. So life became a little easy, and we could see a new ray of hope.

When people were done with their cooking sprees and were assured that it is safe to order food from outside again, they felt like they were attending a buffet, but only virtually. Not only lunch and dinner, but breakfast options also started appealing the foodies. With no time to think about what to cook for breakfast, they started looking for options online. With just one click, they could get some of the best breakfast options such as bagels, omelettes, and so much more.

The focus shifted towards gourmet breakfast and options that are not time-bound. People love a good breakfast, but this love was even more enhanced when it was available all day! Fancy omelettes like spinach and mushroom omelette, mushroom and cheese omelette, chicken ham and bacon omelette, which you might have only eaten in a fancy five-star restaurant, could now be delivered at your house, that too anytime! Not just omelettes, if we widen our horizon, we can find bagels as well. Wait, what? Bagels? Really? That too delivered at our homes! Yes, you read it right. With the growing influence of the West, bagels might be the best thing we got familiar with. Numerous bagel variations can be found, from the classic bagel with cream cheese to mushroom, spinach and corn bagel and what not, all excellent breakfast options that are filling and tasty. Can the universe be more giving? Well, I don't think so.

So, work from home might not have proven to be such a bad thing after all. With chasing deadlines and completing targets, it can be very easy to neglect food altogether. But advancement in technology and the availability of resources made it easier for us. With one click, we can order whatever we want, whenever we want and, with so many customisation options available I might just add, however we want our food to be. With this, I think I'm done with my work and hungry again, so I'm going to go and order some delicious breakfast because the urge is never-ending.

Breakfast is bewilderment; it is not just a meal but an emotion. For some, it's the most important meal of the day, and for others, it's a meal on the go. Sometimes because of our busy schedule in the morning, we may end up skipping breakfast. Sad right? You look forward to starting the day with some lavish breakfast containing fruits, cereals, some protein and bread, but then life happens and bam! There goes all your time in rushing out of the door.

Don't worry; we have got a perfect solution for this. Can you guess what it is? Bagels! We bet it wasn't that hard to guess. Imagine waking up to fresh and scrumptious bagels in the morning. Sounds like a smashing to start your day right? We think that too.

Though being one of the most versatile foods, bagel and breakfast go hand in hand. They serve as the perfect base for any type of breakfast- sweet, savoury, vegetarian or non-vegetarian. On top of that, with the right kind of filling inside, they can be an ideal combination of fibre, protein and deliciousness, providing you with lots of micronutrients and macronutrients.

Now let's talk tasty! We know that a lot of you are crazy for bagels just like us and want to add some amazingly exciting versions of them to your meal. Here we will be introducing you to some basic and some not so basic bagels.

Bagel with cream cheese has been the most preferred and popular way to have bagels all around the world, and frankly, it's not even surprising. The way these two pair up together is enough to suffice your cravings. But ever since the tastebuds of people have refined, they have been in search of what could accompany and enhance the taste of bagels. Apart from the above mentioned holy grail, we have found combinations which stick with bagels brilliantly.

A healthy mix of spinach, corn and mushrooms inside a bagel is something which is craved by not only vegetarians but non-vegetarians as well. This comes together as a power-packed breakfast option which will boost your metabolism through the day.

Another one of these is a bagel filled with eggs, bacon and some relish of your choice. This heavenly combination is never going to disappoint you, take it from us.

Oh my! all this talk about bagels have made us hungry, are you feeling the rumble in your stomach too? This has only happened by talking about some of the selected bagels, so why don't you go ahead, open our menu and explore a world full of bagels which is undoubtedly going to leave you hungry.

They say you are what you eat, and we say we are bagelicious!

Imagine holding a soft and chewy-crusty bagel filled with delicious filling inside. Has your mouth started to water? Cause mine already has.

This doughy bread is capable of giving you some wholesome breakfast experience, and why limit its superpowers to only breakfast? You can have a bagel anywhere and at any time of the day! This multi-functional food is perfect for on the go snacks or for full filling your untimely cravings.

Have you ever seen Suits, where Harvey Specter and Mike Ross have their conversations around the bagel cart or OC where bagels are preferred over cereals every day? Well, there is no doubt that Americans are crazy about their bagels and frankly we don't blame them. Dating back to at least six centuries and being described as " an unsweetened doughnut with rigor mortis" by the New York Times in the 1960s, this bread is a perfect example of "old but gold".

Across the world, bagels are preferred by kids and adults equally. And why not? There have been so much variety of bagels and flavours available in the market that bagel and cream cheese have become an old wives tale, not that we still don't love them!

Many times this superfood has been blamed for being too high on carbs but let me tell you one thing, bagels can be a part of a healthy diet too! Shocking? Not really, with the food industry on the rapid growth, there have been countless experiments and demands for various types of bagels. If stuffed with the right fillings such as avocado, eggs, tofu, spinach and gazillion of other things, these can provide you with an enormous amount of energy which would be perfect to kick-start your day or night or evening.

Bagels are rich in carbohydrate, an essential macronutrient for your body and can be a mix of fibre and protein as well if eaten the right way. This magical combination can be more filling and have more staying power to get you through the day.

So, what are you waiting for, grab your share of bagel now and remember, every bagel is a good bagel.

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